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Input Output Introduction

Input Output Devices

Input Devices
 Input devices are devices used to input data or information into a computer. For example scanner, keyboard, mouse, joystick etc.

Output Devices
 Output device is any electronic or electromechanical equipment connected to a computer and used to transfer data out of the computer. For example speaker, monitor, floppy disk, printer etc..

:65:I/O devices can be roughly categorized as storage, communications, user-interface, and other
:65:I/O devices can be characterized by behavior, partner, data storage.

I/O Bus connection
:65:I/O Bus connection is  bus that connects the CPU to main memory on the motherboard. I/O buses, which connect the CPU with the systems other components, branch off of the system bus.

Input Output Module
:65:Input output module is the part of a modular which input and output devices are connected. Such as :
  • Interface to CPU and Memory
  • Interface to one or more peripherals
Function Of Input Output Module

  1. Control and Timing - CPU ask I/O module check status attached device,then I/O module tell the status, After that if device already,CPU request for data transfer lastly I/O module gathers the data and transfers to the CPU..
  2.  CPU Communicating - Can use Command Decoding,data,status reporting and Address recognition for the devices connected to it.
  3.  Device Communication - Involves command, status information and data transfer.
  4. Data Buffering - To overcome speed mismatch.
  5. Error Detection - Allow detecting such errors, Like paper jam,bad data etc.

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